EDIT May 4th 2021: The Garden rules have been revised. The new rules can be found here.

  1. Gardeners must be Chelsea residents or have strong Chelsea ties.
  2. Gardeners are required to participate in at least 2 workdays for a total of 6 hours.
  3. Gardeners who have contributed less than the required 6 hours at the end of the season pay a penalty of $10.00 per missing hour if they wish to renew for the next year.
  4. Gardeners are responsible for weeding the paths around their plot. 
  5. Gardeners are responsible for at least one additional duty or task on the assigned duties list.
  6. Gardeners must begin working the plot no later than May 15th or it and the garden fee will be forfeited. The $5.00 key deposit will be returned when the key is turned in to the Treasurer. 
  7. Gardeners must prepare the plot for winter and return the key no later than November 30th or at the last garden meeting of the year or the plot will not be renewed for the following season. 
  8. Alcoholic beverages & illegal substances are forbidden in the garden & immediately adjacent areas. 
  9. Radios must be played softly. 
  10. Only the Garden Coordinator may assign plots. 
  11. Gardeners do not remove anything from another gardener’s plot without permission.  Plots assigned to other people are not your responsibility and must be left alone regardless of your opinion of what is needed, unless you have permission from that gardener. 
  12. Children must be supervised in the garden, especially when using the hose and water.  For safety reasons, children are not allowed inside the shed and children’s use of metal tools is prohibited. 
  13. Pets are prohibited in the garden. 
  14. Smoking is prohibited in the garden. 
  15. The community garden is semi-organic. Gardeners must follow organic gardening principles for pest and weed control, using only biological or mechanical methods and products certified organic.  Non-organic products are permitted only for fertilization of your own plot. Non-organic plants are permitted.
  16. Gardeners pay an annual garden fee and a $5.00 key deposit. 
  17. Returning gardeners must apply and pay the annual fee at the first Chelsea Gardener’s Association membership meeting of the year or by March 1st.

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