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COVID-19 Rules Addendum:

  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others
  • Gardeners are encouraged to practice good hand hygiene
  • Do not come to the garden if you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms

Failure to comply with rules 1-4 will result in non-renewal of your bed for the following season. Gardeners must communicate with the steering committee if they cannot fulfill these duties for any reason.

  1. Gardeners are responsible for weeding the paths around their bed (on both sides) in addition to their own plot
  2. Gardeners are responsible for at least one additional duty or task on the assigned duties list. For the 2021 growing season, each bed will be allocated a communal area to be kept weed free.
  3. Gardeners must prepare their bed for winter by November 30th. This includes removing remaining weeds, dead plants and rotting plant material.
  4. Gardeners must begin working the bed no later than May 15th, or risk forfeiting the bed and their garden fee.
  5. Chelsea Community Garden is an organic garden and non-organic products are not permitted. This includes fertilizers as well as pest control and weed control products. Non-organic plants and seeds are permitted. If you need help with pest issues, contact
  6. Gardeners must take home all the trash they bring to the garden. This includes plant pots, compost bags, coffee cups, water bottles, etc. The garden does not provide trash cans except for garden events.
  7. Gardeners should not weed, water, prune, pick crops, or alter in any way another gardener’s bed without permission.
  8. Children must be supervised in the garden, especially when using any tools or the hose. For safety reasons, children are not allowed inside the shed and children’s use of metal tools is prohibited.
  9. Smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are forbidden in the garden and immediately adjacent areas. Radios must be played softly. Pets are prohibited in the garden.
  10. The tool shed is a communal space and not for personal items. Personal items left in the shed may be used by other gardeners or thrown away.
  11. Only the Garden Steering Committee can assign plots. Gardeners must be Chelsea residents or have strong Chelsea ties.
  12. Gardeners pay an annual garden fee based on the size of their plot. The fee is due at the first garden meeting of the year or by April 18h. Failure to pay by this date will result in your bed being assigned to someone on the waitlist.

A $5.00 key deposit is paid by new gardeners and will be returned when the key is turned in to the Treasurer.

Yearly Garden Fees for 2021

  • Full Size Plots (plots 1 – 30): Adult $25 / Seniors (60+) $15
  • Medium Size Plot (plots 31 & 32): Adult $15 / Seniors (60+) $10
  • High Beds (plots A – F): Adult $15 / Seniors (60+) $10

Membership to the Chelsea Community Garden requires adherence to all rules of membership and common courtesy. By joining the Chelsea Community Garden, you agree to abide by all rules of membership as listed and respect rules of etiquette in the garden.

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