On Saturday October 23rd, 29 members of  Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity in Boston (SAE MABA chapter) spent three hours helping us clean up for the Fall.

After a CCG sponsored breakfast, they cleaned both inside and outside the fence, removed all the morning glory & bindweed, tied back the raspberries & blueberries with Enesa’s supervision, removed debris from behind the sheds with help from Paul & Wenda, cleaned out the waste pile near the grape arbor, removed the red cardboard pillars, and had fun chopping up logs for their fire pit.

Our thanks to Paula for organizing & supervising the frat boys.  Thanks to Melisa, Peter, Ali, Katherine B and others for providing snacks & treats.  Thanks to Wenda, Greg, Paul, Maura, Lois, Rob, Linda and Enesa for supporting the effort.

A big thank you to Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity!!  We look forward to welcoming you back to the garden again soon!

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